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Brief History

Valve Services was established to provide a specialist focus on the flow control valves, safety valves and process automation needs of the manufacturing, petrochemical and process industries.

There was clear evidence that there was an excellent business opportunity specifically in valve repair and service, for a company that listened to the needs of its customers and provided sound advice and quality, with value for money products and services.
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Professional Valve Engineering Services are Available Here

Businesses in a range of different industries require the servicing and supply of a huge variety of high-quality valve products in order to perform their daily functions. From factories to hospitals, many important buildings across Australia depend heavily on the safe and efficient performance of control valves, stop valves and safety valves – so it is vital that a trustworthy repairer and supplier of superior quality valves exists. Fortunately, here at Valve Services, we are committed to ensuring that gaining access to excellent quality valve products and reliable valve repairs is easier and more affordable than it has ever been before.

Founded over 15 years ago, Valve Services is a team of highly trained and experienced experts with knowledge of a broad range of fields related to the supply, testing, servicing and repairing of all manner of valve products. Over the years since we started trading, we have built a strong reputation as one of the leading specialists in valves Melbourne has available, and we are proud to work with a huge number of different firms and businesses in many different industries across Australia.

Our Range of Australian Valves

With vast experience in the testing, servicing, supply and repair of all the above types of valves here at Valve Services, you can be sure that we will always be able to meet your specific business needs, in exactly what you require when it comes to meeting all your system’s valve-related requirements.

Our range of valve engineering products makes us the online valve store Australia can always depend on for consistently high standards to meet a great variety of different needs. We can supply, test, service and repair:

  • Safety Valves:

    Both safety valves and pressure release valves are designed to control pressure within a pressurised system to maximise the functionality of that system. In the case of safety valves, their primary purpose is to serve as an essential last resort that will kick in should other valves fail, causing a system’s pressure to reach potentially dangerous levels. To avert a threat to the safety of nearby people and property, the safety valve will then work to depressurise the system and restore the pressure to a safe and operable level.

  • Pressure Release Valves:

    A pressure relief valve exists to generally control the pressure levels of your system on a day-to-day basis, guaranteeing that optimal levels of functionality and efficiency are being maintained, and minimising the risk of system failures.

  • Stop Valves:

    A stop valve is a type of valve product which is used to stop the flow of a liquid or gas through a particular part of a system. They can be operated either manually or automatically depending on the individual circumstances and requirements, and they are to be found on taps, in bathrooms and throughout plumbing systems anywhere where liquids or gases may occasionally need to be prevented from passing through a section of the piping system.

  • Control Valves:

    Control valves regulate the flow of liquids, gases and other chemical compounds throughout an entire system, allowing that system to adapt to changes and disturbances in order to ensure that the overall pressure within the pipes remains at the desired point for maximising operational efficiency.

  • Check Valves:

    The check valve is one of the most important and useful kinds of valve product available on the market. Check valves work by allowing solutions to pass through them in one direction only, providing engineers with an effective and inexpensive means of preventing backflow in a system. This is vital, as backflow issues can quickly cause huge problems for a system and result in large sums of money being spent on repairs.

The Most Reliable Valve Store Australia Has to Offer

Here at Valve Services, we understand that providing a comprehensive service is about more than just offering outstanding products at great prices. For this reason, we are also able to provide our customers with a fully certified valve repair service, allowing them to be confident that they will be able to enjoy reliable functionality from the valves in their systems whatever challenges the future has in store for them.

Working from our accredited laboratory, our team of specialists can conduct all the necessary tests and procedures to identify any issues with your current valves and put them right swiftly and effectively, thereby saving you all the time, hassle and money associated with having to purchase new valves when your existing ones become faulty.

Our approach to valve servicing is simple and systematic. After we receive a valve you have sent us to service, or whereby we have collected from your premises, we thoroughly assess it’s overall condition and ascertain whether any obvious repairs are required using our certified valve testing procedure. We then disassemble it, clean it and conduct a comprehensive inspection of it’s dimensions and the conditions of it’s constituent parts. After updating our Jobs Database with any further repair work that has been identified, we get straight to work with the valve service process. The valve is then reassembled, tested and returned to you in the best possible condition.

Get in Touch Today to Find Out More Information

For more information about our valve repair service, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team via telephone, email or using the online form. For any new valve requirements, please contact us via telephone, email or online form with your query and a friendly team member will call you to discuss the purchase of Australian valves for your business, after determining your specific needs a quote will be compiled and issued to you promptly.
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Valve Services Pty Ltd is the result, we are also the Australian + New Zealand agent for Rupture Pin Valves, Buckling Pin Valves and Australian agent for Hora Control Valves/Building and Automation Division.