Valco Valves

Multiple Varieties of Valco Valve

Valco valves are widely used for gas chromatography and are available in a wide variety of sizes, types and materials. These variations largely depend on the applications the valves are used for, the conditions in which they are required to operate and the specifications to which they have to perform.

It’s important, when choosing your valves, that you take account of all these factors. You need to select correctly but we can provide all the help and guidance you need to do so.

Considerations for Choosing the Most Suitable Valco Valve

Each valve has basic type differences:

Two position valves that are typically used in back-flushing, column switching and sample injection applications. They are available in GC (gas chromatography) and HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) versions.

Multi-position valves (selectors) that step incrementally through multiple positions and are available in high pressure and low-pressure versions.

Internally purged versions that are necessary for the measurement of atmospheric gas concentrations at low parts per billion (ppb). Internal purging is the best method of preventing diffusion from the atmosphere through the sealing material that can harm the work or leakage across the sealing material that may be harmful for those in the workplace.

If you do need to measure atmospheric gas concentrations at low ppb, there are two methods of capturing and purging leakage or diffusion. These involve either a valve that has an unbuilt purge feature or a standard valve with a purge housing around it.

All valves are leak tested to ensure that they perform to the specifications listed for pressures and temperatures. Minimum leak rates will depend on the seal material used and sealing to higher specifications generally results in lower temperature limits and a reduced valve lifetime. Larger valve seals and port sizes will usually have higher leak rates. Valves used on mass spectrometers or for gas analysis may be leak tested using a helium mass spectrometer. It is, therefore, mainly a question of choosing the best combination to meet your needs.

A Complete Valco Valve Service

All the Valco valves we supply are fully tested, commissioned and provided in appropriate sizes and materials. You can be sure, therefore, that there’s a suitable valve for any application.

The valves are often used in hostile environments and at high temperatures so we offer a Valco valve repair service that will return valves to prime condition whatever their current state. All valves can be configured for use at high temperatures and pressures so choosing the correct specifications and materials is crucial. This includes having valves with appropriate fittings and features.

Installation of all valves is made as simple as possible and rotor replacement can be undertaken without disengaging the valve or having to remove tubing. We can help you choose the most appropriate valve, assist with commissioning and installation, and carry out regular servicing to ensure the valves always work at peak performance. So, no matter how extreme the conditions they work under, all valves will give maximum effectiveness.

We provide a range of valves, including safety valves, pressure relief valves, stop valves, check valves, control valves and more.

We can test, service, repair and install any Valco valve product, contact us below to find out more.

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