Valve Reconditioning

Valve Services Pty Ltd has been established to provide a unique specialised approach on the focus of flow control, safety and process automation needs of all manufacturing, petrochemical & process industries.

There was clear evidence that there would be an excellent business opportunity specifically in valve repair and service. A company that not only offers value for money in all products and services, we listen to the needs of our clients and provide sound advice and quality.
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Ensuring Safety and Reliability through a Valve Overhaul

There’s always a temptation to ignore anything that’s working correctly on the assumption it will continue to do so. However, when you have a critical processing environment, that’s something you can’t afford to do.

In oil, chemical and other processing industries, valves are vital to the safe and efficient operation of the process and their failure can have devastating and dangerous consequences. An unsafe build-up of pressure or a serious leak can be harmful generally and damaging to production as well as operatives so it’s important you don’t let that happen.

The Benefits of our Reconditioned Valve Service

If valves are leaking, sticking or otherwise not working as they should, action needs to be taken. Valve safety and reliability can be ensured by a regular replacement of valves before they fail. However, that can be a costly solution and valve reconditioning is a much more cost-effective answer without sacrificing efficiency or safety.

Valve re-work rather than replacement can have several benefits that include:

  • a significant cost saving, with the cost of full refurbishment being as little as 30% of the cost of a new valve and for something that’s equally as good

  • reduced down-time since regular reconditioning as part of a planned maintenance programme will ensure that valves keep working at peak efficiency for longer

  • full compliance with all legislation and guidelines since reconditioning involves a certified process that ensures the valves conform completely

  • adherence to insurance conditions that often insist on regular servicing and maintenance of equipment; the need for insurance inspections is also not necessary when you use a fully accredited supplier

  • improved safety performance since fully functioning valves will significantly reduce the risk of over-pressurisation, leaks or other failures.

A Dependable Reconditioned Valve Service

Taking chances with equipment is just not a feasible option, especially in industries where safety is put at risk or failure can cause big reductions in production. That’s why we offer a fully certified service that can range from a full strip-down and rebuild to a basic inspection. We offer a full overhaul, repair and pressure testing service that includes the calibration and certification of all types of valves, including control and safety valves, whether manually or automatically operated.

The cost of the service will be more than repaid in the long-term by a reduction in repair and replacement costs, improved throughput and better safety standards. And, because we supply new valves of all types as well as overhauling your existing ones, we can provide a complete service for all your valve needs so you don’t need to search around for other suppliers. If you do replace a faulty valve, you can have the old one refurbished and keep it as a spare for future use.

Our service will improve your productivity, save you money, increase safety levels and ensure you remain compliant. And, since we’ll carry out all work quickly and efficiently, there’ll be little disruption to processing capacity. So, rather than assuming everything’s working correctly and will continue to do so, spend a little money and gain much more in benefits in the long-term.

We can recondition any valve, including safety valves, pressure relief valves, stop valves, check valves, control valves and more.
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Our services include:

  • Valve reconditioning & repairs.
  • Valve identification service.
  • New & Reconditioned valve sales.
  • Total valve management.
  • Valve swap-over service.
  • Accredited laboratory.
  • High & low pressure Gas & Hydro testing.
  • Spare parts manufacture.
  • Special projects.
  • Valve modifications.

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