Actuated & Manual Valve Service

The Importance of a Valve Actuator in Industry

An actuator is a mechanical or electromechanical device that causes something to operate or move and these devices are in very common use. They are seen in everyday life and can, for example, be used to open doors automatically or to move car seats backwards and forwards.

Of more relevance in processing industries, an actuate valve is one that is opened or closed by an inbuilt mechanism. They are commonly used in refineries, pipelines, wastewater treatment plants and similar industries and have an important role to play in plant automation. As such, it’s crucial that they work reliably and in accordance with specifications, otherwise, they can delay or damage the whole operation.

Types and Features of a Valve Actuator

Actuators are of two basic types:

linear actuators that have a push and pull function, converting energy into straight line motions

rotary actuators that convert energy into a rotary motion; this type is commonly used to control various types of valve

This latter type of actuator can open or close a valve or, in some cases, can set intermediate positions to control the flow. Although some can be manually activated by turning a wheel or knob, most may be part of an automated process and will require a source of energy to power them. This can be compressed air for pneumatic actuators, a liquid for hydraulic actuators or, most commonly, electricity so that the actuator is an integral part of an automated process.

All these types can have different designs depending on the use to which they are put and the materials they have to deal with, typically liquids or gases. They can have control and detection equipment attached and may also vary greatly in size, anything from a fraction of an inch up to several feet in diameter.

The Need for a Comprehensive Actuated & Manual Valve Service

At Valve Services, we specialise in all kinds of valves for all types of industry. These include flow control valves, safety valves and various process automation needs for the petrochemical and process industries plus different types of manufacturing.

Valve actuators may be simply a part of an automatic control loop but are a very important part since their failure can halt the whole process. We can therefore supply high-quality actuators and look after their whole lifecycle in order to ensure they give the best possible service.

As well as supplying the correct valves, we can ensure they are correctly installed and commissioned, and then provide regular servicing throughout the life of the equipment. That life will be extended significantly by planned maintenance of the whole processing line including a regular actuator service.

All our commissioning, installation and maintenance work is carried out by fully trained, qualified and experienced technicians who will ensure everything is working perfectly. Whatever size, type and purpose of valve, a manual valve service or an actuated valve service will keep it working as it should do so there are no failures or interruption to processing.

We can service any valve, including safety valves, pressure relief valves, stop valves, check valves, control valves and more.

  • Valve Testing, Management & Shutdown Services.
  • ISO Certified Workshop & accredited Laboratory for hydrostatic and pneumatic testing.
  • Instrumentation & Linear / Rotary Control Valve Service
  • Pressure & Safety Relief Valve (PSV) Service.
  • General Machine Shop & Specialist Engineering Services.
  • Equipment, Service, Installation, Commissioning & Operational Support.
  • Rupture Pin, Buckling Pin Service.

Valve Services repairs all types of pressure relief valves for steam, gas, air, and liquid service. This includes valves made by ALL manufacturers.