Safety Valves & Pressure Relief Valves

In the manufacturing, petrochemical and process industries, a faulty or malfunctioning valve can be enough to shut down a key area of production. To ensure a steady, safe flow of production, superior process automation is key. That’s where companies in Australia and New Zealand need to know that they have a valve services provider on hand to step in and apply expert valve repair, replacement or testing when needed. Valve Services PTY Ltd. is the number one choice for safety valves & pressure relief valves repair, replacement, testing and servicing in Melbourne.

Safety and Relief Valves

Why do top companies in Australia and New Zealand such as Coogee Energy, Momentive, Orica, Dow Chemical and Styron trust Valve Services PTY Ltd. with the repair, testing and supply of safety valves & relief valves to their business? It’s because our company offer a team of valve repair and testing experts, who are absolute specialists in their field and who rely upon years of industry knowledge and experience to conduct a superior level of service. We operate on the core principle that quality builds trust and we strive to ensure that all of our products and services are of the highest quality they can be. Our core goal is to ensure a productive and continuous flow of operation for all of our customers.

Superior Relief Valve Manufacturers

Customers value Valve Services PTY Ltd. not only for the extensive knowledge of our expert team, but also for the quality of service offered and the stellar, trustworthy reputation of the company and for the extensive range of safety valves and pressure relief valves that we offer. The range of products and services that we offer is unmatched in the Melbourne area.

We can service, repair and replace pilot operated metal seated valves, direct spring conventional and balanced valves, tank vent or tank relief valves, conservation vent valves, rupture pin valves and buckle pin valves. Safety and relief valves can be built to meet your specific production or equipment requirements – we always like a challenge! Certification tests are done on all valves before they leave our facility so you can be assured of a product that meets the quality expected by industry standards.

Pressure Valve, Safety Valve and Refrigeration Relief Valve Repairs

Valve Services repairs all types of safety and pressure relief valves for steam, gas, air, and liquid service. This includes valves made by ALL manufacturers. We are your complete valve service provider, on hand to provide your company with all the equipment, servicing, valve installation, valve commissioning & operational support you could possibly need.

To find out more about the range of safety and relief valve products and services that we offer, visit our website for more info. Need assistance? Submit an enquiry online, drop us an e-mail to or give our expert team a call today on 03 9369 6143.
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The Best Pressure Relief Valves Available

The simplest or smallest things can sometimes have the biggest effect on a business.  Take pressure safety valves for example; these valves are hardly ever noticed when someone marvels at the success of a huge manufacturing, petrochemical or process factory and yet, these valves are absolutely critical for the success of these types of industries, not to mention the safety of those working in these industrial environments.  

A pressure relief valve is a type of safety valve used in high-pressure systems for especially manufacturing industries. The main goal of these valves is to relief tension in the system should the pressure build up too high.  

It is critical to invest in a high quality safety valve for any high-pressure system because failing to do so can result in instrument and equipment failure, explosions and even fires depending on the type of system it is.  

A malfunction in a high pressure system can be absolutely catastrophic to manufacturing businesses and might even result in injuries and fatalities since many of these high pressure systems contain a lot of dangerous chemicals, heated air or even explosive gasses.  

These vales can basically be considered as equipment that ensures a steady and safe flow of production in an automated system and it is absolutely critical to ensure that these valves are always functioning correctly and to do flaw checks and repairs on a regular basis.  

The best valve service provider in Australia 

Valve services are the top pressure valve service and maintenance company in Australia.  

Our fantastic business have been providing professional valve services to top manufacturing companies in Australia for a very long time and our experience and high quality service is what keeps top companies like Coogee Energy, Momentive, Orica, Dow Chemical, Styron trust Valve Service and many other businesses coming back for more.  

We have a team of highly qualified valve repair and testing experts that are known for their supreme knowledge, experience and professionalism when it comes to these critical components in manufacturing industries.  

Quality creates trust

Our slogan ‘QUALITY CREATES TRUST’ sums up Valve Services’ core belief and principle in three little words. 

We believe that quality service and quality products creates trust, not only in our clients but also in every employee that enjoys a safe working environment thanks to our pressure relief valves.  

Our main goal is to ensure positive production and continuous operation flow for all of our customers no matter how tough, dangerous or complex their automated pressure systems may be.

Superior relief valve manufacturing

Valve Services takes great pride in manufacturing the best and highest quality safety valves & relief valves Melbourne

We offer a great variety of safety and pressure relief valves and the quality of our products like metal seated valves, direct spring conventional and balanced valves, tank vent or tank relief valves, conservation vent valves, rupture pin valves and buckle pin valves is unmatchable anywhere in Melbourne or any other region for that matter.  

One of our leading services is the ability to manufacture pressure relief valves according to your specific instruction so your production and equipment requirements will be met.

Certification tests

All manufactured valves including customized valves are thoroughly tested before they are distributed to ensure that all of our products meet the expectation of industrial standards.  

We also do certification tests on repaired safety valves to ensure that the repairs are done correctly, that the valves are functioning correctly and to ensure that these repaired valves will be suitable and will provide high quality performance for a long time to come.  

Superior relief valve servicing

Our services do not end at distributing and selling of valves at all. No one understands the importance of regular valve maintenance and servicing better than Valve Services and that is exactly why we have a team of expert safety valve inspectors and repair agents that will do all repairs on any type of valve including direct spring convention valves, balanced valves, tank relief valves, conservation vent valves and much more.  

We offer repair and replacement services for any type of pressure relief valve including steam, gas, air and liquids. Our repair and maintenance experts are experienced and trained to work in these high pressure systems without causing any damage or errors in the pressure systems and thus without affecting work performance or general manufacturing performance.  

In fact, our supreme repair and replacement services ensure that process industries, manufacturing industries or petrochemical industries will perform at optimized levels so businesses can enjoy supreme efficiency.  

Top benefits of using Safety Valves’ services

  • We provide the highest quality pressure valves in Australia.
  • Our manufacturing experts can create customized safety valves to meet your specific needs no matter how complex your high-pressure setup might be.
  • Regular maintenance, repair and replacement services will boost overall productivity, reduce breakdowns and boost performance so your business can work much more efficiently.
  • Expert repair and replacement services will ensure that no one on the job gets hurt by malfunctioning safety valves or during the replacement or repair service.
  • Our technical experts can provide industries with the best possible advice regarding the right type of safety valve for their unique needs and perhaps even some advice on boosting efficiency and industrial performance.
  • When you invest in our safety valves you will get high quality and durable safety valves that can withstand the test of time, not to mention the hard work required for maintaining pressurized systems.
  • Expert maintenance services will expand the live expectancy of the valve itself as well as other components of the high pressure system.
  • Proper servicing and maintenance will reduce the chances of instrument and equipment failure.
  • Properly manned and repaired valves will result in reduced breakdowns or downtimes for the industry and can also boost the general performance of the industry.

Does Your Business Require Pressure Relief Valves?

Homes and businesses across Australia benefit from the incorporation of top-quality pressure relief valves into the pressurised systems which they rely on for the transportation of liquids and gases. Therefore, when these valves fail or become worn, sourcing replacements of the same quality is necessary to ensure that the system continues to operate efficiently. However, many people fall into the trap of falsely believing that gaining access to superior relief valves can be difficult or involve having to part with vast amounts of money. If this has previously been you, then the good news is that nothing could be further from the truth – especially when you choose to buy your new valves from Valve Services.

Here at Valve Services, we have been providing excellent pressure safety valve products to small and large businesses across Australia for over 15 years. During this time, we are proud to have built a strong reputation as one of the country’s leading suppliers of specialist valve products and services, known for our consistently high standards and our commitment to affordability and value.

We stock a great range of quality safety valves for our customers to choose from, meaning that you can always be confident that you will quickly find a product that is perfectly matched to your requirements. And thanks to the fact that our service enables you to discuss directly with a friendly team member about your PSV safety valve via telephone, with a quote compiled promptly for you to consider.

Choose Experienced Specialists in Safety Valves

The way that a safety valve works is simple. If the pressure in a given system is for whatever reason rising to dangerous levels and the other valves are failing to properly regulate the situation, a safety valve will kick in to depressurise the system and prevent any costly or potentially dangerous damage from occurring.

At Valve Services, we believe that only the best pressure release valve products are right for our customers, which is why our team of highly trained and experienced experts work hard to ensure that every product we sell is of exceptional quality. So, if you are looking for relief valves manufacturers you know you can trust, you have come to the right place.

But our service is not just about offering quality products at competitive prices. We understand that it is inevitable that things will go wrong with any engineering system over time. For this reason, we have developed a safety valve repair service which provides our customers with the total peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are fully prepared for whatever the future throws at them.

Whilst many home and business owners think that replacement is the only option when something goes wrong with one of their refrigeration relief valves or any of the other safety valves in a pressurised system, this approach can prove to be unnecessarily costly. Plus, the perceived convenience of simply buying a new replacement can turn out to be a false economy, as it is not always easy to identify, find and purchase exactly the right kind of valve for your particular system.

Instead, it is often the best option to make use of a safety valve testing service like ours. The way it works is simple: you send us the faulty valve, or alternatively we can go on site and assess the valve, whilst also providing a service of collection. Our team will conduct certified tests in our fully accredited laboratory. After the initial tests are complete, we will begin making a note of any issues which need repairing, before disassembling the valve and conducting further tests. This enables us to build up a thorough picture of which components require attention, and which are fine as they are.

Once this process is finished, we will use our expertise combined with our access to state-of-the-art equipment and products to conduct all the necessary repairs with vigilance and attention to detail. Finally, once all of the repairs and upgrades are complete, we reassemble your pressure safety valves and once again put them through all the relevant tests to make sure that everything has been successful.

After the valves have passed the tests, we will return them to you promptly in perfect condition. By choosing to send your faulty safety valve and release valve products to us for maintenance in this way, you will undoubtedly be amazed at just how much money you could save in the long-term.

Buy Superior Relief Valves Online or Get in Touch Today

Regardless of whether you are ready to purchase the best safety valves and release valves Melbourne has to offer, or whether you are experiencing problems with your existing valves and would an experienced professional to conduct vital repair work, you can be sure that you will find plenty of useful information here on the Value Services website about the various products and services which can help you get the results you are looking for at a price that works for you.

But if you would like more information about any of our products or services, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team via telephone, email, or using the convenient online form available on our site. When you do, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or to assist you in any way we can so that you can be sure of how to swiftly and easily access the product or service that is perfectly suited to your needs, preferences and budget.

To find out more about our range of safety and relief valve products as well as our replacement and repair services you can contact our office directly on 03 9369 6143 or submit an online enquiry to our email address; 
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