Our Capabilities

Testing Capabilities:

  1. Air
  2. Gas
  3. Liquid


  1. Visual inspection and identification-all details are entered into our Jobs Database, with a unique and individual job reference number.
  2. Pre-test for pressure relief valves and relevant valves where required or requested.
  3. Completely dismantle the valve. Clean and inspected all components.
  4. Check all parts for wear and tear, to ensure each part meets the particular valve tolerance.
  5. Sand blast/abrasive blast external services and where required, internal surface.
  6. Check further for any defects.
  7. Nominal lapping of seats and disc, faces all flanges to a new finish, where needed.
  8. Re-new all gaskets, bolts, nuts or diaphragms as required.
  9. Re-assemble the valve and test to the valves’ standard.
  10. Final inspection.
  11. Protect flanges and paint to required finish.
  12. Tag and issue of Test Certificate.