Safety Valves & Pressure Relief Valves

In the manufacturing, petrochemical and process industries, a faulty or malfunctioning valve can be enough to shut down a key area of production. To ensure a steady, safe flow of production, superior process automation is key. That’s where companies in Australia and New Zealand need to know that they have a valve services provider on hand to step in and apply expert valve repair, replacement or testing when needed. Valve Services PTY Ltd. is the number one choice for safety valves & pressure relief valves repair, replacement, testing and servicing in Melbourne.

Safety and Relief Valves

Why do top companies in Australia and New Zealand such as Coogee Energy, Momentive, Orica, Dow Chemical and Styron trust Valve Services PTY Ltd. with the repair, testing and supply of safety valves & relief valves to their business? It’s because our company offer a team of valve repair and testing experts, who are absolute specialists in their field and who rely upon years of industry knowledge and experience to conduct a superior level of service. We operate on the core principle that quality builds trust and we strive to ensure that all of our products and services are of the highest quality they can be. Our core goal is to ensure a productive and continuous flow of operation for all of our customers.

Superior Relief Valve Manufacturers

Customers value Valve Services PTY Ltd. not only for the extensive knowledge of our expert team, but also for the quality of service offered and the stellar, trustworthy reputation of the company and for the extensive range of safety valves and pressure relief valves that we offer. The range of products and services that we offer is unmatched in the Melbourne area.

We can service, repair and replace pilot operated metal seated valves, direct spring conventional and balanced valves, tank vent or tank relief valves, conservation vent valves, rupture pin valves and buckle pin valves. Safety and relief valves can be built to meet your specific production or equipment requirements – we always like a challenge! Certification tests are done on all valves before they leave our facility so you can be assured of a product that meets the quality expected by industry standards.

Pressure Valve, Safety Valve and Refrigeration Relief Valve Repairs

Valve Services repairs all types of safety and pressure relief valves for steam, gas, air, and liquid service. This includes valves made by ALL manufacturers. We are your complete valve service provider, on hand to provide your company with all the equipment, servicing, valve installation, valve commissioning & operational support you could possibly need.

To find out more about the range of safety and relief valve products and services that we offer, visit our website for more info. Need assistance? Submit an enquiry online, drop us an e-mail to or give our expert team a call today on 03 9369 6143.