Control Valves

Control valves are undoubtedly the most important, yet probably the most neglected element of a system control loop. Control valves are responsible for controlling conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by opening or closing in response to signals received from the system sensors. The prime concern of an operator of a process control loop is to have a loop that is stable. If issues occur with the control valves, there is only one outcome – system downtime. Production downtime spells disaster for petrochemical, manufacturing and process industries. The installation of high quality control valves and ensuring routine maintenance of these key system components are essential to maintaining a steady production and operational flow. When a top company in Australia or New Zealand needs to call on a reliable control valves service partner, they turn to the leading experts in this area – Valve Services PTY Ltd.

Leading engineering companies in Australia and New Zealand trust Valve Services PTY Ltd. to repair, test, service and supply control valves for their in-house equipment. Coogee Energy, Worley Parsons, Visy Pulp & Paper, BOC Gases and Australian Vinyls are just some of the companies who rely on Valve Services to ensure a steady production flow through our installation of quality control valves and follow up servicing. Our range of control valve services is endless including a control valve identification service, control valve reconditioning and repairs, a timely control valve swap-over service and the supply of the widest selection of new and reconditioned control valves in the wider Melbourne area.

When it comes to replacing or repairing control valves, we can refer to our inventory of v-notch ball, globe, butterfly, regulator, diaphragm and rotary control valves for a high quality, standards approved replacement. We can also custom build control valves to suit the specific needs of your equipment. Whatever the industry, whatever the control valve, whatever the manufacturer, Valve Services Ltd can repair, service or replace the valve. We’ll deploy a team of seasoned experts to identify, repair or service your system control valves so you can be assured a quality product and a quality service every single time.

As always, prevention is better than cure so if you rely on a seamless performance from your control valves to ensure a continuous flow of production, ensure to schedule regular maintenance checks and servicing from a trusted partner such as Valve Services Ltd.

To learn more about our vast range of control valve services and products, visit our website. Need to get in touch with our expert team of valve specialists? Submit an enquiry online, drop us a line to or give our office a call today on 03 9369 6143 to speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable service team.