Check Valves

Check valves are among a system’s most important components. For the greatest efficiency and maximum system protection, check valves must be properly sized and in good working order.

One of the key issues for industries such as manufacturing and processing has been production failure due to the installation of check valves of an incorrect size to suit the system needs. An accurately sized check valve is necessary to ensure that a system is reliable enough to service the heavy production needs of an engineering company with only a minimal amount of manual attention. Appropriately sized, high quality check valve installation increases the lifespan of the valves and also improves the longevity of pumps and other related components on the same system, in turn enabling cost savings for a company. Check valves that are sized correctly to fit the needs of the equipment and production demands function in a superior manner and enhance workplace safety.

Check Valves in Melbourne

When your company requires the repair, replacement or servicing of system check valves, there is one company that stands above the rest – Valve Services PTY Ltd. We help leading companies in Australia and New Zealand such as Woodside Petroleum, Worley Parsons, Visy Pulp & Paper, Momentive and Australian Vinyls ensure a steady operational flow and cost efficiencies through the provision of superior quality check valves and check valve repairs and check valve servicing.

No valve service provider in the wider Melbourne area can boast the level of expertise offered by our team of valve specialists or the extensive inventory of new and reconditioned of check valves that Valve Services PTY Ltd offers all of our customers.

Duo Check Valves

System malfunctioning, production or cost inefficiencies due to the installation of an incorrectly sized check valve will not happen on our watch. We can look to our endless range of piston, swing, SDNR, tilting disc and duo check valves for a high quality fit for your system. Failing that, we can create a custom designed and built check valve to suit the exact requirements of your system. No check valve replacement or repair presents a challenge for our expert team of specialists.

To ensure an efficient flow of operations, be sure to schedule regular servicing and maintenance of your check valves. Doing so serves to further increase the lifespan of your valves and other system components. Our specialist team are expertly trained to identify issues, do check valve repairs, and service and replace any type of check valve from any manufacturer for any system and any industry.

Tilting Check Valves

To find out more about our check valve products and services, visit our website. Got a question for our expert team? Submit an enquiry online through our website, send us an e-mail to or call us directly on 03 9369 6143.

We’re here to help, whatever your valve issue or query may be.